BIC Surf Finner FCS M5 Tri Sett

BIC Surf Finner FCS M5 Tri Sett

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BIC Surf Finner 10,5cm FCS M5 Tri sett

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The Hydronamic fins are the latest creation from Bic Surf and use our widely praised Fin-Loc attachment system. Developed by Bic Surf R&D, the Hydronamic fins represent a vast improvement on conventional non-foiled surfboard fins. Conventional fins have a double foiled centre fin with side fins that are flat on the inside. An inside flat surface running through the water is proven to cause unnecessary drag that slows down your speed and reduces reactivity. To solve this problem, we have given the inside edge of our Hydronamic fins a curved profile that allows water to run freely over the surface of the fin withut causing drag, thereby increasing the speed of them through the water while not losing any of the control characteristics that the thruster fin configuration so successfully provides.

This set of Hydronamic 10.5cm Fins is designed to fit the FCS Standard.

Fins are an integral part of any surfboard and the better you become as a surfer the more notice you should take of your fins. They are literally your driving force through the water. At least 20% of your board’s performance is dependant on what sort of fins you’re using and the method by which they are connected to your board.

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